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Monthly Plans

  • The Plug

    हर महीने
    +$9.99 Plug Set-Up Fee
    PLUG = The Best of the BEST. The best Products, The best Quality, The best Prices! PLUG TALK
    3 महीनों के लिए मान्य
    • Best of the Best SOURCE(s)
    • Exclusive Elite Encrypted Private Chat
    • Every Products imaginable - pointed to the EXACT direction
  • Bronze Membership

    हर महीने
    Bronze Membership (Month to Month)
    • Continuous support through Telegram 24/7.
    • For learning, and if your new to this lifestyle
    • Professional guidance and expert advice
    • Guidence, advice and more
    • Access to Documents
  • Silver Membership

    हर महीने
    Month to Month
    • 24/7 access to me through telegram
    • Blood Work Over look
    • Full Custom Plan to reach your goals
    • Custom Vitamin / Supplement Plan
    • access to all documents and updates
  • Gold Membership

    हर महीने
    Gold Membership Month to Month
    • Custom Plan based on your goals written by me
    • Custom Diet Plan Written by me Hour by Hour
    • Custom Vitamin / Supplement Plan based on Goals/blood work
    • 24/7 Chat Via Telegram
    • I follow your progression and make changes along the way
    • All documentation is accessable
    • Beta Version of the Cook book is available
    • All Groups on Facebook and Telegram are available

3 Month Membership

  • Bronze Membership (3-Month Discount)

    हर 3 महीनों में
    Basic Membership - Pay for Three-Months upfront to get the discount! :)
    • 24/7 Access to me through telegram for Questions
    • Access to all documents
    • Great for learning about the world of bodybuilding
    • learning about dieting, bulking, cutting, or anything else.
  • Silver Membership (3-Month Discount)

    हर 3 महीनों में
    Silver Membership - Pay for Three-Months upfront to get the discount! :)
    • To build Muscle, or to get learner, your choice
    • 24/7 contact to me via telegram
    • Access to all documentation
    • Custom Written Plan written by me(to gain, or lose, or both)
    • Custom Vitamin Protocol
    • & More
  • Diet Membership

    हर 3 महीनों में
    If your only goal is to lose pounds
    • 24/7 Contact to me through Telegram
    • Custom Diet Protocol written by me (hour by hour)
    • Custom Vitamin/supplement Protocol written by me
    • Access to Documents
    • Access to Facebook Page, and Telegram Groups
    • Access to cook book
  • Gold Membership (3-Month Discount)

    हर 3 महीनों में
    Full Diet, and Muscle building Program - Pay for Three-Months upfront to get the discount! :)
    • Custom Diet written by me
    • Custom Program Written by me
    • Custom Vitamin/Cycle Written by me
    • 24/7 contact to me via telegram
    • access to all documentation
    • access to cook book
    • access to all groups (Facebook, and Telegram)
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