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This Cookbook is in BETA, meaning it's a LIVE VERSION. It currently has over 60 pages, and I add more recipes and content each week. Most recipes were developed by myself and my family, along with a nutritious. Most documents that have to do with anything medical, like the fertility section and more, have been reviewed by a Medical professional along with multiple RNs and RTs. Under each recipe, you can see you designed the recipe, which is fantastic because I love giving credit to the individuals that helped me along the way. 


Look at all the sections already, and as I said, I'm adding more and more, once this book is complete, I want it to be an all-in-one book that you refer back to for almost everything (Diet, Recipes, Fertility, Injury Rehab, Peptides, Nootropics, and much more). I hope to have way over one hundred pages of helpful knowledge that everyone can use in their daily lives. Save money with the connections in the book as well as save money by not needing a fertility clinic, where you can try to conceive on your own and increase your chances dramatically if you listen to those chapters that pertain to Fertility for men and women! 


Once you purchase the book, I will then need your email address so I can add you to it, you will get an invite in your inbox so you can see the book LIVE and you will then sometimes see me updating it live as you're looking through it (so cool right?) 


Email me at right after you purchase it and I'll invite you the LIVE Cookbook.


Thank you so much! 


-Robert @ Perrin Fitness LLC


Please understand the book is in BETA so that I will be editing and fixing grammar along the way, this takes the most time, actually (proofreading the book multiple times). 

LIVE CookBook! (Launch Sale)

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